I’m a dabbler.

I bake pastries and I ferment vegetables. I love getting my hands dirty in the garden (and in a past life when I worked on a farm) and I love playing with clay. Living abroad makes me want to travel more, but I also want to nest in my cosy flat. I love trying new things, but recently I’ve been trying this new thing: sticking with it.

Right now, I’m putting that focus toward ceramics – something I started working on a little over a year ago as a hobby, and I’m proud of myself for still being here, doing that.

Making ceramics is not a quick process, and each time I work on a piece, I enjoy adjusting away from the fast pace of urban living – getting lost in the work of my hands. Feeling my way. Failure has always been incredibly difficult for me, but it’s an inherent part of firing something to over 1200 °C. Sometimes things don’t turn out. But then again, sometimes they do.

I hope you find as much joy using my work, as I did making it.